Stefanie Storto RCM, Property Manager - Percel Inc.

"Dale and his team helped provide our condominium with mats for all lobby areas and elevators. From start to finish, all involved were very courteous, friendly and professional. Dale came out to the site initially to present the product to the board and also provided samples so that we could see the materials before installing. We were provided tips and recommendations on equipment to maintain the quality as well. The board, residents and management were all very pleased with the end results and would recommend Rismat FloorGuard to other boards and condo communities."

Carmen Gentiana-Tomsa - Property Manager, Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd.

"I love that it looks great, works well in trapping dirt. By purchasing these mats from FloorGuard, I have saved the ongoing rental mat charges. The purchase only cost equivalent to a few months of rental mat fees. The FloorGuard team worked with me on my specific needs, and professionally installed all my matting-then followed up to make sure I was happy with the job."

Todd Beck – Owner, IGA Extra Beck (One of the largest IGA’s in Canada.)

"I installed the Viking tiles myself in the fall of 2016. Very easy!!!! I have heavy traffic with a lot of slush, rocks and salt being tracked into my vestibule. These tiles are amazing!!! Drainage is very efficient and a quick weekly maintenace keeps them looking new. I highly recommend this product. Far superior to any other matting I have used."

Jennifer K. – Property Manager, Camrose Property Management

"We installed your matting in four lobby areas of our highrise and I am happy to share that they are holding up well. The site Superintendent reports that they are easy to clean and maintain which is always a bonus. They have really held up to the extreme traffic; especially in the front lobby. Overall a great product!!"

Jeff Collingridge – Director of Golf, P.G.A. of Canada

"Rismat Matting Systems Inc. Has provided our facility with a high quality and durable flooring system to withstand a high traffic environment. It also provides comfort to all employees in all of our departments while maintaining a professional and appealing look to all of our members and guests."

Yawar Khan – Owner, Integral Property Management, Gatineau, PQ

"We purchased mats from Rismat (FloorGuard) to replace a rental program we had in 2 towers of our condominiums in Ottawa. The ‘Rismat’ mats vastly improve the look of the building over the rental mats we had here before, because they do a far better job of stopping the dirt and moisture from tracking through the building. We estimate that we will save $3,000 per year on the rental costs alone, and our superintendent spends far less time cleaning the floors. I will be recommending Rismat (FloorGuard) to all my condominiums."

Ernest S. Rosenberg, President & CEO - American Cleaning Institute

"The Magic Mat is a wonder. We used to get muddy paw prints from our dogs all over the house, no matter how much we tried to wipe their feet when it was raining. The mats capture all of the mud and water as they run over them just once. We no longer have muddy paw prints on our carpet. We haven't even washed them yet. We had 2 mats from another company before and they did not do as good a job. Also, they were less attractive. Your beige mats fit in with our decor well."

Don Aslett... America's #1 Cleaning Expert

"The first step into the world of famous Museum of Clean is onto a beautiful spread of Magic Mats, which proves to be the best cleaning tool in the 75,000 square ft. building... they just lie there 24-7 and work for us, they are efficient to clean up the foot traffic from a constant stream of visitors, one year later they still look new! These high functional floor mats are manufactured by Floorguard (Shanghai) and Distributed by Rismat (Floorguard) Matting Systems Inc. for the North American market.

Good matting is a protection to displays, by keeping dust and dirt out and off the 150 year old items in the Museum, less cleaning (thanks to mats) mean less bumping and bruising of fixtures, doors, walls etc. We use mats throughout the building not just at the entrances, they hold the residue until we come along and pick it up."

Bryan Cober, Manager - Structural Services

"With regard to the Viking matting that was recently installed in our J Block entrance, we are happy with the look and initial function of the matting system. With this warmer, minimal snowfall winter we have not had the opportunity to fully get an idea of how well the product works, however comments from our Custodial staff have been positive. We look forward to seeing how the product stands up over time."

Jarret Rose - Vice President, Canon Services

"From my perspective I am overjoyed with the outcome and thought the whole process was seemless. I will not hesitate to look for ways to do more business with FloorGuard in the future."

Leona Lott - Property Manager, ICC Property Management Ltd.

"We had these (mats) installed at 1400 The Esplanade and have received many compliments from residents. The (mats) are elegant looking but the reason we like them so much is the fibers actually absorb the water before the residents step onto the floors which makes for cleaner looking lobbies and less work for the Super. I highly recommend this company and their product."

Madhu Malhotra B.A., B.J., B. Ed., M.A., RCM - Property Manager, Wilson Blanchard Management Inc.

"I am more than pleased to recommend your company. We are very happy and satisfied with your work and product provided for our entrances. Will contact you in case we need to get more work done."