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FloorGuard Matting Manufacturing Co. Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1994. Since inception, the organization has grown and expanded and we have affiliated offices globally. Our main 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in the outskirts of Shanghai, China and houses both manufacturing and product development divisions.
Our North American head office, Rismat (FloorGuard) Matting Systems Inc. is located in Markham, ON, Canada with authorized distributors across North America. 


Watch our short video on Floor Pollution Control.

Rismat (FloorGuard) strives for excellence in the design and production of complete Pollution Control Flooring Systems with emphasis on pedestrian safety and floor protection. Our highly functional matting systems are designed to trap dirt (grime, sand, small stones), and absorb moisture and grease. Subsequently, this reduces the frequency of floor cleaning, avoiding costly energy consumption, janitorial labor, water and chemicals necessary in the cleaning process. Our mats help protect expensive flooring from damage caused by foreign particles while conserving resources.








Why us





Most matting companies produce matting solely for protecting the floor immediately under the mat. Nearly any kind

of matting will, to some extent, protect the floor beneath it.

Rismat (FloorGuard) believes that a superior matting system needs to go beyond protection only, and provide

the capability to trap and prevent the majority of foreign materials like dirt, moisture and grease from entering

your facility. We also believe that each area in a building requires specific functionality from the mats deployed

there. It is based on this theory that we design and manufacture complete matting systems for a wide range

of applications. Our matting is used in many 5 star hotels, large shopping facilities, schools and commercial

buildings around the globe.

We have applied the same matting technology used for commercial use, and have created a matting line to

service household applications. For more information on our residential line of products, follow the link below.