Magic Mat

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Magic Mats are our premium line of entrance mats, enhancing the safety and protection of most office and commercial floors. They are constructed from super absorbent, cotton/microfiber yarn and can hold many times their own weight in moisture and still function effectively.
• Magic Mats prevent moisture, dirt and grease from being transferred onto your floors, by effectively absorbing and trapping these substances in the mat.
• The mat’s low pile height easily fits under most doors and supports quicker drying times.
• NSFI certified “high traction” backing helps reduce the possibility of injuries due to slips and falls.
• Regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning with a light to medium use carpet extractor will ensure your mat’s optimal performance and retain the warranty coverage.
• Best suited for placement in transition areas such as entrances and hallways into; public buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, washrooms, etc.

Matting Specifications
Colours Charcoal
Piece Size 85cm x 150cm (33" x 59"); 85cm x 300cm (33" x 118"); 115cm x 180cm (45" x 71"); 115cm x 240cm (45" x 94"); 115cm x 300cm (45" x 118")
Yarn Type Cotton / Microfiber blend
Backing 100% Grease-proof Rubber (NBR)