Armor & Armor Plus

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Armor Mat and Armor Mat Plus are high quality entrance mats that provide consumers with an extremely functional and durable mat at a competitive price. Like our Magic Mat, they can hold many times their own weight in moisture and still function effectively.


  • Armor Mat/Armor Mat Plus effectively absorb and trap moisture, dirt and grease.
  • The specially formulated PVC backing creates a secure slip resistant base that will not let water leak through to your floor.
  • Armor Mat Plus also features stiff, monofilament bristles which provide superb scraping action to remove loose dirt and debris from shoe soles.
  • Armor Mat/Armor Mat Plus have a deep pile, giving it a plusher, more cushioned feel.


  • Best suited for placement in transition areas in public buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, washrooms, etc., anywhere that foot traffic contamination can be transferred from one area to another.


Matting Specifications
Colours Charcoal, Brown
Roll Size 200cm x 1800cm (78" x 708")
Piece Size 90cm x 150cm (3' x 5'); 90cm x 300cm (3' x 10'); 120cm x 180cm (4' x 6'); 120cm x 240cm (4' x 8'); 120cm x 300cm (4' x 10')
Yarn Type Armor: Polypropylene and high absorbency synthetic blend; Armor Plus: same as Armor plus monofilament
Backing PVC Compound